The Band Explains: Trails and Ways - 'My Things' (Video)

Oakland, CA’s Trails and Ways singer/guitarist Keith Brower Brown speaks to us about the concept behind new single and music video  'My Things'  directed by Gonzalo Eyzaguirre.
'My Things' is taken from the band's sophomore album 'Own It' due out on October 7th, 2016. Trails and Ways is Keith Brower Brown and Ian Quirk, with Kendra McKinley (guitar/keys/vocals) and Miriam Speyer (bass/vocals) who join them on tour.

Trails and Ways Explains:
Where was the video filmed?
100% in my house in Oakland, CA. Thank you housemates.

How does the video compliment the song?
The song is me wrestling with the hypocrisy of being an (alleged) socialist with a huge emotional attachment to my material possessions. The concept came to me pretty suddenly: me buried by my things and singing a love song to my things, all in my house.

Any behind the scenes stories?

The stop-motion video concept meant me holding still, or nearly still, and doing the same thing 10, 20, 40 times as everybody else moved objects around me or I changed clothes. A lot of my favorite moments came from me letting loose or goofing around after being cooped up in repetition for an hour. Like the moment where I spin two power drills in bed, or dancing with two vacuums at once. Divine inspiration. Hardest moment was the bathtub scene where I'm looking right into camera; that meant staring into a huge light. I was crying a little, but what's new.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Ian (producer/drummer) brought in the stop-motion idea, which I think was a really brilliant way to put the focus on the things themselves. Gonzalo, the director, has a great eye and fleshed out the concept a lot. Just felt right for everyone that this personal, tongue-in-cheek song about me and my domestic objects should be like this; colorful, me-in-front-of-the-camera, vulnerable, lighthearted. I wanted us to explore the trouble in how I wrap up my identity in things, how I can be addicted to the highs of consumption and masking yourself in the aesthetic trappings you want. But I also wanted there to be ambiguity and ambivalence in the anti-materialism, because the honest thing is that I do still have these doting feelings for some of my things and don't think that's all wrong. I think some beloved personal objects for everyone can be a part of the socialist utopia which a lot of us hope for.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
This young man is a sick and depraved materialist who needs help or possibly a lifetime eBay ban

Interview feature by Karla Harris