The Band Explains: Eden Warsaw - 'Anon' (Video)

Eden Warsaw of Toronto/ Montreal, Canada outfit Eden Warsaw speaks to us  in depth about the concept behind the band's mysterious single and video, 'Anon'. 
The video for 'Anon' plays with black and white film and spotlights to convey the mystery of the dark,electronic pop sound and the  engimatic theme of the song.

About The Track:
'Anon' is an atmospheric, eerie and deeply beautiful cut taken from Eden Warsaw's debut album, 'Searching For Someone', produced by Eden Warsaw, engineered by multiple Juno winner Carmon Barry, and mastered by Joao Carvalho. The band are currently expanding their sound and working on their next album.


Eden Warsaw Explains
Where was the video filmed?
This video was filmed in downtown Toronto at an empty ‘event’ type space that wasn’t being used. So we blacked out all of the windows and used spotlights to light the set the whole time.

How does the video compliment the song (if at all)?
I think the video definitely captures the ‘mystery and patience aspect of the song, there’s a type of slow-moving mood that the song represents and I think the movement of the camera and the lights helped bring the song to a proper visual level.

Any behind the scenes stories?
If I remember correctly when we burnt the rose things went really bad…a little bit of a panic mode since it’s actually one of those fabric roses. We also had to use the heat from our hands to melt the ice cube since it was actually pretty cold in the space we were using to film, so the whole idea was to capture it melting (which took forever).

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Just to carry on the theme of the ice cube, we really wanted to have the fire and ice type of on screen mixture, just to display a sense of tension. The lights were a huge part of it especially in black and white, we were actually using the 'Adolescents' video by Incubus as a reference for the theme and lighting effects since that video is incredible.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
I think even though the song is about finding out something at some given point in the future, which seems like a very generic way of explaining something, the video helps display that. At some point the ice cube (used as a symbolic form for whatever you want) will melt. At some point the answer will come if you keep working towards it or looking for it. The problem with being patient is that it’s often difficult to actually be patient, so that’s why the song becomes hectic near the end to try and capture that feeling of tension. At the end of the day anything can be interpreted in its own way so maybe next week my outlook on this video will be completely different!

Interview feature by Karla Harris