The Band Explains: Clever Thing - 'In A Tissy' (Single)

Brighton four-piece Clever Thing  stream their debut single 'In A Tissy 'and give us an insight into their weird and wonderful creative minds!

"Our songs and ditties are crafted with great affection; like a master carpenter rubbing down a 150 year oak ready to become the most grandiose and ornate object of sensory pleasure for their beloved.

However, to treat song craft as a trade would be to do it a disservice, as to us it's the vessel of our boundless expression and joy that we hope to share with as many sweet endearing souls who wish to endure us.

We won’t bore you with tales of the overused proverbial blood, sweat and tears, for after all these ailments are easily cured with plasters, showers and one another's sweet smiles.

Our songs come from a place decadent love, deep within the fire in our collective belly. Did you know a cow has 4 stomachs? Well so do we.

To record is to put your soul on the frontline in a battle with the hallowed tape machine you can only win this war with audio with compadres who have back and your bum.

I jest, I jest. The recording process was a process of wholesome fruition, a weight of our brains as the tubes went from our cranium and fed into the big warm mixing desk that we can never thank enough.
We used speakers that spun on an axis, I’m sure that piques your interest."

- Gnarly Buttons, Clever Thing