The Artist Explains: Hilary Woods - 'Sabbath' (Video)

Dublin-based music and visual artist Hilary Woods speaks to us about the ideas behind her aesthetically pleasing single and music video, 'Sabbath'

About The Track: Synth laden electronic folk, with strong beautiful piano lines and dynamics, “Sabbath” is an ethereal lyrically fragile song about lost love. It increases in intensity and dynamics climaxing up to a B section where the drums kick in and the lyrics are less personal and become more universal. The recurring piano riff is catchy and hypnotic. Hilary Woods retains a certain mystery and beguiling song- craft. 'Sabbath' is not strictly pop, nonetheless integrity and majestic beauty captures all the hallmarks of a songwriter that can write strong hook laden songs full of depth, and hit right to the core. 'Sabbath' is available now on iTunes.

Hilary Woods Explains:
The video was shot over 3 nights. The first half of the song shot in a field in South Dublin on an evening swimming in beautiful light. We then headed into Dublin’s city centre, to Moore Lane, off Dublin’s Moore Street. There I wanted to shoot scenes playing drums and that was fun, considering it was heading into the early hours of the morning and we were making a racket. At one point, taxis drove down the lane mid-take and we had a few on-lookers drinking cans cheering me on. What kicked the entire video process off - was bringing my concept for the video to Sandy Kennedy who took my ideas and between transitions, sequencing, overlays and a commitment to experimentation and reigning it all in, did a wonderful job in making it work on screen. It was important to me that the video be both filmic and dynamic and followed the inner emotional build-up and rhythms of the track. Joshua Wright did a sublime job behind the camera and the editing desk.

Interview feature by Karla Harris