The Artist Explains: Corey Harper - 'California Sun' (Video)

Hailing from Portland, 21-year-old American singer/songwriter Corey Harper talks us through the ideas behind his debut single and scenic, road trip / performance music video directed by Alejandro Reyes Knight.

The first single taken from his debut EP 'On The Run', ' California Sun' is raw, catchy and emotionally charged seeing Corey's sincere, textured vocals soar across a beaming country pop soundscape.

Corey Harper Explains:
Where was 'California Sun' filmed?
Most of the video was shot around Venice and Malibu Hills/Zuma beach.

How does the video compliment the song?
The video portrays a lot of self reflective moody scenes where I'm driving, and performing, like I'm living the feelings I talk about in the song right there. Also, the title itself gives a lot of imagery already so having the sunny, outdoor road trip type scenes, resolve and bring together the lyrics.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Towards the end of the song I got stung by a Bee when we were in the middle of filming the last performance shot. we likes how genuine it was so we kept it in there haha.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Most people ask me about the chorus. "you remind me of a California sun, I don't feel you as much when I get drunk" refers to being around somebody who you didn't know was ultimately hurting you for so long, you start to become vulnerable and exposed in different ways mentally and emotionally even if you can't see it happening. So I relate that metaphorically to getting sun burned while you're outside enjoying the sun and not being able to feel it because of the alcohol. but later end up regretting the decision to do that in the first place.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
The video is meant to show the post breakup melodramatic process of reflecting and thinking about a relationship. The video opens up to a scene early in the morning of me driving aimlessly and stopping at a lot of places along the way. Although the whole video is filmed over different periods of time, it's cool to have multiple stories taking place throughout the entirety of the video. I just wanted to have very scenic and relatable imagery going on behind the lyrics so people could really visualise exactly what I was getting across with the lyrics.

Interview feature by Karla Harris