Single: Sepoy - 'Blue Skies Bleed'

New York based Indie Alternative Pop/Rock quartet Sepoy shares 'Blue Skies Bleed', the first song on their debut album 'Impasse'.
Sepoy dazzlingly coax 'Blue Skies Bleed' to life with dreamy electronics and balmy, exotic, indie riffs that are so angular at times they almost seem off key and discordant. Then the distinctive,haunting vocals and groovy yet regimental drum beats come in adding a darker shadow to the jovial tone, tying melancholy, melodic and ambient up into one lovely tight parcel.

'Blue Skies Bleed' finishes with a wonderful bluesy rock instrumental jam, displaying an intricate and endearing sound from a very pleasant fusion band who soldier through a world of eclectic musical influences, all the while allowing their listener to explore right alongside them.

Words of Karla Harris

Sepoy is' Rahul Ratakonda (bass), Amey Rairikar (lead guitar), Anupam Burra (vocal, keys, guitar), and Sriram Raman (drums).