Single: Scavenger Hunt - 'River Runs Dry'

Los Angeles-based electro-pop outfit Scavenger Hunt reveals 'River Runs Dry', the first single off their forthcoming EP.
Immediate and effective, Scavenger Hunt's 'River Runs Dry' instantly peaked my interest for all kinds of reasons First and foremost, it was its driving, minimal backing beat, which reminded me a bit of essentially what The Knife did with the 80's inspired 'Heartbeats' - steady, rolling and hypnotic in nature, making you want more without over-complicating things in its layers.

Despite being fundamentally upbeat rhythm-wise, Scavenger Hunt's vocalist 
 Jill Lamoureux's soaring voice has a slightly icy delivery as she laments poignant lyricism dented by disappointment. The addition of an unexpected yet fixating xylophone arrangement makes the piece feel more like there's a tropical storm murkily closing over on the horizon. Never-the-less, the hook booms out with no defeatism and quite frankly, this track is golden.

Words of Karla Harris