Single: D/R/U/G/S - 'New Born Love'

Manchester DJ and producer,  D/R/U/G/S,  (Callum Wright) drops 'New Born Love' feat Akiine', the first single to be released on his own label, Code Silence Records.
Sometimes the most minimal of beats can have the most deliberate transfixing impact and that's what D/R/U/G/S has done with contagious new cut, 'New Born Love' where Akiine's captivating, mellow vocals gloriously hum alongside a controlled and melodic, laid-back electro dance beat.

'New Born Love' takes its listener on an addictive and divine high that lingers on well beyond each hazy listen, reaching out and soothing the soul. This is refined  melodic house, moreish in its appeal.

Words of Karla Harris

As Callum Wright welcomes Candi Godbold to D/R/U/G/S as a permanent addition, you can catch the duo's first ever live performance on 28th August at Start The Bus, Bristol w/ Draper+Ten Fe and 2nd September, The Waiting Rooms, London.