Single: Dillon Tucker - 'Hologram'

Dillon Tucker streams single 'Hologram' as a free download. 

When we hear music of a bluesy nature, we're usually beguiled by the story that is being sold to us. The music is of course crucial, but the soul, intensity and lyrics provided by the singer are perhaps more critical here than any other genre. Typically, the narration is done via fairly rudimentary but compelling words. Can 'Hologram' by Dillon Tucker be truly classed as a blues song? Debatable I suppose, though it is in possession of that trait I just mentioned.

"I been living like a hologram, you been living like a charlatan, turned our live into a cardinal sin" opens Tucker with strident intent. It's genuine and seemingly a tale of being used "as a stepping stone" by a lover. Naturally, torment and Blues go together like goth and pet spiders. Another aspect well incorporated by Tucker is having the music in the background to highlight his words as opposed to taking lead role. Tempo is important to a track like this; the chorus (as much as it has a chorus) doesn't deviate from the perfectly reluctant pace set throughout.

'Hologram' doesn't become ponderous either; at under 4 minutes it is enjoyed before it becomes stale, kinda like prawn crackers I suppose. Dillon Tucker hasn't reinvented a sub-genre or orchestrated an epic that'd give Mozart nocturnal emissions, but he has crated a very honest track that is extremely difficult to dislike.

Words and Thoughts of Jake Collins