Single: DENM - 'Under Pressure' (Live Acoustic)

DENM's Second Single “Under Pressure” Gets Acoustic Treatment

The power of a stripped back acoustic track is endless. The intimacy and rawness from the barer bones of a track is always something special to hear. The live acoustic version of 'Under Pressure' is hazy and beautiful seeing gorgeous guitar strums supporting  DENM's melancholic, dreamy, vocals.

'Under Pressure' is the second single from the talented Santa Barbara artist who takes an organic and whimsical approach to electronic garage-pop, effortlessly blurring the lines between genres. 'Under Pressure' in its original form is a groovy and diverse danceable track where its profoundness still seeps through in its lyricism.

The theme for the track stirs from a deeply personal place focusing on depression and how DENM found a way to cope by dancing through his pain. By peeling away the layers of production, the live acoustic session only serves to add  more depth and sincerity to the song.

Words of Karla Harris