Place To Be: Macmillan Fest 2016 - Nottingham, 3rd September 2016

Cancer, for something that is only six letters long, has changed the lives of so many people. One way or another it has affected all of us. 
Whether it be ourselves or a loved one, or even seeing the struggle of someone who has lost someone to it, we have all felt its unwelcome presence. Macmillan Fest is about raising funds for those affected by cancer, and it is amazing to see so many fantastic bands involved with this event. When someone says to me charity festival, I can't help but think borderline school fete, with the ice cream truck and typical cheesy local bands/acts you always end up seeing at these events.

Macmillan Fest however has come out strong,  artillery on this event is monstrous! On one stage you have the freaky SikTh headlining, while on another you have pop punk powerhouse Tigress. If you break down all 7 stages, it is beautiful to see so many different genres under one line up fighting against cancer and helping raise money for Macmillan.... also there is a raffle. You can't argue with that really can you!

So if you are free on the 3rd September, show your support at this event! Tickets are available now via for £16.75 for the whole day.

Words of Ant Adams