Photo Gallery: Throwfest 2016 @ Clwb Ifor Bach & Fuel, Cardiff

Photographer Anthony Hunt  reports on this years Throwfest - an annual alternative all day event based in South Wales and sponsored by Monster Energy & Red Bull.

I spent most of my time catching the sets performing in the upstairs of Clwb Ifor Bach which was a perfect venue for the line up. The downstairs was much more of an intimate set up with no stage and where most of the band equipment took up quite a bit of space, this forced people to get up close and personal with the acts and each other. Fuel was the smallest of the 3 stages, long, narrow and sweaty. I only lasted  for two songs of one band before the heat got too much and I had to step out, not feeling brave enough to go back in.

Crowd-wise, I definitely witnessed some of the most brutal and acrobatic pits I've seen at any metal gig with fists and feet flying and the occasional backflip and cartwheel thrown in. That being said, everyone abided by the pit rules set out by Throwfest, "1.Have fun,  2. Look after each other and 3. Don't be a dick". If someone went down there was at least 3 people there helping to pick them back up. 

The bands I did catch were just as brutal if not more so than the crowd.  Belial opened up the main stage to just under half the venues capacity but more than held their own. Hactivist attracted the biggest crowd and these guys were definitely my highlight of the day (Continents being a very close second). Hactivist vocalists Ben and J got stuck in making their way right to the centre of the pits giving I Killed The Prom Queen  (the band I was originally most looking forward to seeing) a bit of a challenge to follow up on although musically, they couldn't be faulted.

Check out our review in photos below:
Throwfest @ Clwb lfor Bach & Fuel, Cardiff
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