Martha - Live @ The Dome, London 22/07/2016

The Kings and Queens of DIY, Martha, hailing from Durham, are far from home this evening headlining the Dome in North London, with their biggest headline show to date.
Overwhelmed themselves by how many people they can fit in a such a big room like this, the band send the venue into a frenzy in support of their new album 'Blisters in the Pit of My Heart', which is a right racket of an album, a decent racket though!

Martha bash you left, right and centre throughout this release with their unique take on pop music fed with quirky guitars and DIY culture. Support this evening came from indie poppers Happy Accidents, who's debut album has got everyone excited at the moment, plus Neurotic Fiction, who struggled at first to get the energy going in a slowly filling up room. However they battle through it and come out winning on the other side.

Words & Photography of Ant Adams

Martha - The Dome 22.07.2016

Happy Accidents
Happy Accidents - The Dome 22.07.2016

Neurotic Fiction
Neurotic Fiction - The Dome 22.07.2016