Introducing: Lesser Pieces - 'You and I (No Emergency)' (Single)

New electronic pop duo Lesser Pieces reveal their invigorating new single 'You and I (No Emergency)'.
Lesser Pieces is the project of  Irish  producer, Mike Slott and New York-born Egyptian singer-songwriter and composer. Diane Badie  who have pieced together an extremely formidable electronic pop sound that is at once transcendent, transfigurative and otherworldly.

'You and I (No Emergency)' pulsates with its very own  blood pumping, cardiovascular system,where electronics flow through the tracks bones like an adrenaline fueled heart of darkness before cascading into a rich euphoric sound, almost anthemic in its appeal. Diane Badie's sensual, accomplished vocals weave in and out as Mike Slott introduces new idiosyncratic layers of production in a haunting, seductive fashion, impossible to ignore.

This is brooding, thriving, enrapturing electronic pop that gets better with each listen. I'm hooked.

Words of Karla Harris