Band To Check Out: Hotel For Strangers - 'Make Me Alive' (Single)

A meeting of contrasting musical minds, a near kitchen-sink approach to studio-based song-writing / instrumentation and keen sense of collaboration is essentially a one-sentence summary of the background history of Hotel For Strangers.
As a showcase of their self-titled five-track EP, 'Make Me Alive' marries pop sensibilities with an altogether darker undertone, wrapped up in a richly-woven tapestry of accomplished production values.

From the off, a single-note simple piano melody, marching drums and staccato vocals set the scene. One vocal breakdown later, the song quickly launches into a well-crafted chorus that meets the aim of its main vocal refrain. Further notable for the array of sounds coming from almost every angle to draw in the listener, this suggests the time spent in the studio has been put to great effect. Basing the song around its strong chorus, ‘Make Me Alive’ ebbs and flows, using an intricate combination of electronic and acoustic beats, building back into the main hooks before ending almost abruptly. While pretty much three minutes on the dot, under the surface of its easily-digestible pop format is a myriad of well-aligned sounds and rhythms, suggesting a band working together as one rather than a collection of individuals, and clearly all the better for it.

 ‘Make Me Alive’  is taken from  Hotel For Strangers' self titled debut EP and is well worthy of your time. So...   wait for it… don’t be a stranger*.

*Sorry <revolves door on way out>.

Words of DS_convertible