Free Download: Zita - 'For You' (Single)

Zita shares gorgeous instrumental single 'For You' as a free download. 
Blending a captivating mix of tropical uplifting electronics and sumptuous strings, 'For You', is produced, composed arranged and performed by the very talented Hungarian violinist Zita herself. Zita has managed to expertly capture a lot of moods through changes of tempo, experimentation of  electronic textures and  cultivating her violin to capture both a heart bursting joy and a solemn cautiousness within the same moving piece of music.

Both classically, and jazz trained Zita has opted for a rich contemporary sound which stays true to the classical roots of a violinist but explodes into wondrous, explorative, colourful life through its modern use of production. Zita is making fun, elevating and sincere music that really resonates.

Word of Karla Harris