Free Download: King Shelter - 'Preoccupy' (Single)

King Shelter release 'Preoccupy', a personal contemplation and analysis of the culture of America's nightlife, with particular focus on the LA scene.

I've always been a fan of stripped back intros with the vocalist and drummer dominating the soundscape. Orange County's King Shelter have pulled this off expertly, with only some mild texture coming from a dirty guitar.  Lyrical content seems to beautifully sum up an a night of a wannabe-alpha-male. Hitting on a 10 when really he'll be lucky to go home with a 6, "did I come on too strong [...] hello, what is your name?"

King Shelter's 'Preoccupy' is described as "Salad Rock", a genre which is a new to me. However, their bio describes it as: "a healthy mixture of rock, consisting of surf, grunge, alternative and anything in between.  The surf/grunge mashup is great, and in this case; very well executed.

Words & Thoughts of Liam Hinds.