Free Download: Drew ofthe Drew - 'Medicine' (feat. Allie Crystal) (Single)

Drew ofthe Drew  gives us a healing dose of  'Medicine' in  beautiful new cut featuring  NYC singer songwriter Allie Crystal
With synth that rides in on oceanic waves and an addictive scuttling beat, Drew ofthe Drew picks a crisp and polished EDM-inspired soundbed to be the back drop for Allie Crystals soft saccharine vocals in 'Medicine'.

Lyrically and tone wise, the track reminds me a little bit of what The Chainsmokers did when they teamed up with Charlee on 'Inside Out. Both tracks debut songwriting which comes from a pure, unabashed place, dabbling with the theme of  loving people to the extent that they let down their barriers whilst adding tender touches to the production in support of this.

The track also features input from King Deco  in regards to the lyrics and melody, proving that in this instance, three is most definitely not a crowd.

Words of Karla Harris

'Medicine' is out now and acts as the titular track taken from Drew ofthe Drew's upcoming  EP. 


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