Free Download: DeBoer - 'Fame' (Feat. Joël)

DeBoer shares 'Fame' (Feat. Joël) as a free download on Souncloud.

There are very few sounds  in existence that I find more nerve wracking than the sound of a ticking clock, so it came as quite a challenge to sit through the intro of DeBoer's 'Fame' which  features an 18 second sample of anxiety building clock ticks.  In fact, on first listen, even half of those 18 seconds seemed to last a lifetime and I almost passed up on listening to the track in full for what now seems to be a very silly reason.

Pushing my own prejudice (as such) aside, I quickly realised the clock ticks are an integral and effective part of the track in regards to setting the mood and the tone of the piece. Influenced by future bass, electronic and rock DeBoer has created a progressive, downtempo backing beat for collaborator Joël's brooding, chameleon vocals to ricochet off of.  I really hope to hear these guys work together again in the future, the end result is incredible.

Words of Karla Harris