Single: Fond Of Rudy - 'The Line'

Brighton based four-piece Fond of Rudy release infectious indie pop track 'The Line'. 
Some genres have more of a familiarity about them than others and indie pop is one of them. You can hear the same sort of formula in its guitar lines and synth a thousand times over, but if you're an indie pop fan, you'll never get bored of it.

Fond of Rudy and their newest single, 'The Line', possesses many familiarities.  But this is a good thing in certain genres of music because that's where we find our connection or a bond with the things we like. At least in a mainstream sense. Familiarity is also very different to predictability and fortunately for Fond of Rudy they are accessible yet avoid being overly predictable.

There's a welcoming feel to 'The Line' from the offset despite it's thematic assessment of when to draw the line on a relationship. It's synth intro - which makes more than one appearance during the track - really reminds me of the type of of inspirational music that is played when the geeky underdog crosses the finish line of a race in slow motion in films. The tone of the piece is balmy, infectious and upbeat where subtle synth permeates through alternating standardised indie guitar lines and nostalgia-drenched 80's shimmering riffs that smell of summer.
With their easy commercial appeal, it's hard not to be fond of Fond of Rudy. Give the track a listen below!
Words of Karla Harris

Fond of Rudy is: Matt Ahwal, Ross Lower, Otto Metaxas, Si Davies

17.09 - Willow Festival
25.09 - Tooting, Tram & Social