Duo To Check Out: The Green Children - 'Dreamers' (Single)

Philanthropic Norwegian/English duo The Green Children share tranquil electro pop single, 'Dreamers'. 
The Green Children is the ethereal project of Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan,who write and self produce their nature-inspired music. Milla's atmospheric vocals cascade out of a chilled mid tempo rhythm and a smooth 90's dance beat.

Impishly bewitching yet remaining rooted, mature and tied to the ground beneath their feet,'Dreamers' carries an uplifting, charm with it which sees The Green Children  speaking out to imaginary insect inhabitants directly and in metaphors for other themes.

The Green Children inject colour, joy, euphoria and sincerity into their music spreading their message of peace and love to the world whilst remaining incredibly cool, engaging and edgy. It's easy to see why this duo are very much loved by their ever-increasing fan base. They have a lot of good in them.

Words of Karla Harris