Band To Check Out: Sunhaze - 'Always You' (Single)

San Francisco based outfit Sunhaze release stunning indie single 'Always You'.

With guitar lines so beach-ready that you can almost hear seagulls resounding in them and balmy hooks to warm your spirits,  Sunhaze have created a surf rock indie pop masterpiece to melt right into.  The track moves along at just the right hazy tempo to dance along to, embracing some atmospheric synthwork and dynamic drums,  remaining harmonic and deeply textured, featuring the most beautifully memorable vocal arrangments,  providing exactly the type of sound their name would suggest.

'Always You' marks the first track to be released from Sunhaze since their 2014 6-track EP 'Last Summer'  and is taken from their first full-length album, 'Wishful Thinking' set for release September 9th 2016. Give the single a spin below!

Words of Karla Harris