Band To Check Out: NEONNOAH - 'Atlas' (Single)

Dallas-based indie rock quartet NEONNOAH stream 'Atlas', the first track taken from their forthcoming sophomore EP, 'Bella Vita' due out this September. 
There's a motivational  and determined message behind NEONNOAH's 'Atlas', a track about chasing your dreams,  having no regrets or limitations and achieving what may be perceived as the impossible. A message that applies both to the band on a personal level and is relatable in a larger sense.

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that 'Atlas' is peppy and uplifting, opening with a bubbling cauldron of synthpop before spilling over into a shimmering indie rock anthem where NEONNOAH are convincing in the mantra that nothing is going to stop them until they reach the stars.

Words of Karla Harris

NEONNOAH are:  Esteban Flores, Conner McKinzie, Jacob Norris, and Derek Schurbon.