Band To Check Out: Della Lupa - 'Closed Borders' (Single)

Della Lupa release powerful and poignant new single, 'Closed Borders'.
Brighton art pop outfit Della Lupa have crafted an impressive and immediate sound for themselves over the years, combining art pop, neo classical, jazz and Eastern melodies with an undeniable flare and magnetism that leaves their listener wanting more. So much so that last year the band were successfully crowd funded to make an EP and  'Closed Borders' is the first cut to be unveiled from it.

 Looking out through  a solemn atmospheric haze in bold eclectic glory  'Closed Borders' follows a predominately melodic pop path with a lyrically intuitive thematic reaction to the fear, sorrow and unease of current socio-political affairs.  As such, the track is intensely emotive as seen in its vocals and arrangements that stray between beautifully delicate and  matter-of-fact preaching incredulity.

With depth and intellect, 'Closed Borders' broods, stirs, swells, twinkles and skitters in majestic, aesthetic, tender glory.  I have a lot of time for Della Lupa.

Words of Karla Harris

Della Lupa is lead by Steph Brown (lead vocals/keys), Pete Maccourt (bass),Chris Gwilt (drums) , Sally Garozzo and  Beccy Blaker (backing vocals).