Artist To Check Out: SYML - 'Where's My Love' (Single)

SYML releases emotionally transfixing cinematic pop single, 'Where's My Love'.
Back in 2004 the sensational artist that we know as Sia was flying relatively under the mainstream radar and released a heart wrenching song called 'Breathe Me', so very fragile, delicate and cinematic that no matter how many times I have since heard it, it still has the same gripping emotional kick as the very first time.

Such is the nature of SYML's 'Where's My Love',  that carries a sparse, emotive piano melody not unlike that of Sia's, which effortlessly attracted attention from myself and many others over the years earning it recognition as the soundtrack on many of  TV's arguably  most emotively challenging scenes. Scenes of which SYML could easily enough support in a similar way. 

The very aesthetic nature of SYML's 'Where's My Love' is very far removed from the welsh translation of his monikor in being "simple". "Where's My Love" is a beautifully woven and deeply effectual tapestry of  dazzling instrumentation with  particular admiration for the swelling string sections and spine tingling vocals that drift in on exposed raw pleas of longing to reconnect with one's love.

Yes, Seattle native  Brian Fennell's songwriting knows that we all bleed the same, and as such, he has created an unforgettably touchingsoundscape, impossible to grow tired, resonating down to the very bare bones of its listener.

Words of Karla Harris