Artist To Check Out: Pierce Fulton - 'Echo Lake' (Single)

Vermont native Pierce Fulton  shares 'Echo Lake' the third track taken from his brand new EP 'Borrowed Lives'.
The life and times of multi instrumentalist Pierce Fulton has seen him experiment with a number of genres. From (but not limited to) classic rock, to reggae. Blues to a little metal. Classical to what we have predominately seen from him of recent times - electronic music.

New cut 'Echo Lake strays off the electronic formula slightly reminding us of Pierce's innate intricacy for diversity.  An exhilarating blend of soulful indie and electronic rock , 'Echo Lake' sees distorted live instrumentation take precedence over synth and setting a distinctive, endearing backdrop to Pierce's gripping, smoldering vocals.

'Echo Lake' makes for a dark and mysterious, hypnotic listen, where it's production and arrangements are of exceptional quality.

Words of Karla Harris