Artist To Check Out: Lomea - 'In Tooth & Claw' & 'Three Graces' (Singles)


Electronic artist Lomea shares cuts 'In Tooth & Claw' and 'Three Graces' taken from current album, 'Narratives'.
When you think about it, electronica as a genre definition is arguably so all encompassing as to be virtually meaningless. Perhaps a form of music that has become a victim of its own success, given anyone from a serious producer / composer to, err, Ross from Friends, can grab a keyboard, write some beats and generate music falling within this umbrella term. Thankfully, Rich Keyworth, mastermind behind Lomea (pronounced ‘Low Maya’) , falls within the former musician category. Indeed, on the basis of two cuts from this year’s recent album release ‘Narratives’, Lomea offers much to challenge the listener and enrich the senses.

To underline this opinion, ’In Tooth & Claw’ is pretty far removed from your standard synthtronica beat-fest and, given it’s electronica tag, certainly surprises on first listen. Opening with a clever guitar and piano interplay, more electronic elements are subtly introduced as the track develops. Just when the track seems content with the stall that's been set out, things take an almost post-rock turn, with dark strummed chords and that distinct, fast-repetition solo effect affording a more cinematic feel. It’s an unexpected track for sure, but full of ideas and fresh in its approach.

Album closer ‘Three Graces’ is an altogether different beast in its own right, with this mini-epic building initially quite majestically with a series of hypnotic layers and looped effects. Just when things threaten to overwhelm, a breakdown of guitar strumming and muted patterns offers a gentle step back, before an altogether darker soundscape, underpinned with throbbing synth, takes over to drive the track home. Slick, defiant and confident stuff.

An initial impression of Lomea is one of controlled creativity, an intent to step away from the norm and a desire to offer something unique. The above tracks absolutely encourage an instant wish to delve deeper into ‘Narratives’, so job more than done.

Words of DS_convertible