Artist To Check Out: Linying - 'Alpine'

Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying releases 'Alpine'the faultless follow up track to her debut single, 'Sticky Leaves'.
If ever there were a tangible example of the phrase "less is more", it comes in the form of Linying and her music. 'Alpine' follows on in a similar fashion to 'Sticky Leaves' in the sense that both tracks ascend slowly and naturally into each respective track's crescendo.

Linying sings with clarity, a crystal clearness that is inherently pure, gentle, and evocative in its realness, echoed in the quietly fluttering backdrop that gives her voice and each sonic element plenty of room to breathe and develop.  As the track progresses, there's a touch of the ethereal Bon Iver's about it in its spacious, bittersweet arrangements and natural elements.

With a voice like this,  Linying has no need for elaborate embellishments. She sets a tranquil, aquatic scene where the view from her alpine is slightly misty and overcast and achey but still incredibly beautiful setting hearts aflutter in pleasure and a very specific kind of pain.

Words of Karla Harris