Trudy and the Romance - Live @ The Victoria 12/07/2016

Trudy and the Romace live @ The Victoria

Dalston Kingsland is an area filled with delights, maybe not the sort of delights one might expect to be enjoyable, but hidden amongst a sea of Chick Chicken take out places and Tesco Express shops sits the Victoria.A small hipster pub with a misty back room hidden behind a bookcase for live music, the punters are a mixture of moustaches and vintage clothing, so not your typical chicken burger and chips that you might find in these neck of the woods.

Puma Blue are opening support for Trudy and the Romance this evening, mixing chilling soul with smokey jazz clubs, their saxophone player is mesmerizingly romantic in a number of their tracks. Puma Blue is Jacob Allen, who's voice is like a beautiful black and white movie, almost timeless. It's like Jeff Buckley meets Antony & The Johnsons, with a lost inner soul vibe. Up next is Her's, the lads keep us entertained between songs with their Northern banter, they prove that bands don't need drummers these days, mixing effects pedals and drum machines to create a unique jangly take on pop music.

This evening however is all about Trudy and the Romance, the Liverpool lads are certainly something special, sounding like traditional rock and roll with modern swagger. Frontman Oliver Taylor spends the evening growling at the crowd through the microphone, with songs that make you want to twist about like there is no tomorrow. With songs like foot stomper 'He Sings' and roarer 'Wild' shows the lads are proving themselves to be another very fresh things to come out of the Liverpool music scene.

Words & Photography of Ant Adams

Her's - The Victoria

Puma Blue
Puma Blue - The Victoria

Trudy and the Romance Trudy & The Romace - The Victoria