The Producers Explain: Commoninterest & Matthew Shell - 'Sparkle' (Video)

Producers Commoninterest & Matthew Shell speak to us about the animated video for their song 'Sparkle' which features footage from Commoninterest and Matthew Shell's favourite anime series'.

About The Track: '
Sparkle' is an orchestral pop rock instrumental from Tyrone Johnson aka Commoninterest and Matthew Shell of MTS Music featuring cello by Yoed Nir String Productions, Ziv Shalev on electric guitar and Glenn Grossman on drums

The Producers Explain:
Hey! Would you be able to talk us through the track collaboration? There's a fair few names there!
Alright. So the beginning of the collaboration all started from one of my weekly youtube vlogs titled “Studio Interviews”. In these youtube Vlogs I use a lot of my own productions. Matthew was watching the video and commented “What's that track at the end? It's beyond dope. Email it to me when you get a chance. I want to vibe out to that”. The rest was all in his hands at which point Matthew enlisted cellist Yoed Nir, guitarist Ziv Shalev and drummer Glenn Grossman. Matthew communicated with these amazing musicians, organising and chopping up their takes and finalising the arrangement before mixing the final version of the song.

Can you tell us abut the animations used in the video?
The animations used in this video are from various anime shows that I (Commoninterst) watch and enjoy such as "Space Dandy", "Your Lie In April", "Full Metal Alchemist," "Dragon Ball Z", "Samurai Champloo" and two more that I haven't seen but I had to use them because they visualy depicted what was happening in the song. Those two are "Kawabuchi Sentarou" which I used for one of the drum roll transition. The other is called "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" which I used for the guitar solos. Man these shows can be hard to pronounce sometimes hahaha.

How do the animations compliments the song? Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used in the video?
When told by Matthew to create a music video using anime clips which by the way is called an AMV (Anime Music Video) I knew I wanted to capture the obvious moments within these shows that clearly represented what was happening in the music. Like when cellist Yoed Nir introduced the string arrangment to the song, I used a clip of a character from the show "Your Lie in April" playing the violin. Capturing the mood, atmosphere, and progressing energy of the track was also something I wanted to captivate as well. From the sparkling stars in the night sky sunsets and horizons the cherry blossom leaves blowing in the wind. All these visual elements are things I felt would complement the song as a whole and leave the viewer feeling……. all emotional and sparkly inside. I told Matt this track is an emotional fireball when I was done editing the video.

What message do you hope people take away from listening to the track/ watching the animated video?
When people listen to or watch the 'Sparkle'  AMV we want them to feel uplifted. We want them to let go of all there worries and take some time out of there lives to truly be happy for once. Smile a little bit people. Thank you for this opportunity to share about this song that we are very proud of. We're glad you like it and we hope your readers enjoy it, too!

Interview feature by Karla Harris