The Duo Explains: A.O.S.O.O.N - 'High Grade' (Video)

South London duo A.O.S.O.O.N (pronounced ‘ayo soon,’ and an acronym for "A Lot Of Something Out Of Nothing") Marisa Hylton and Manny Folorunso speak to us about the ideas behind their most recent single and music video. 'High Grade'.
Be sure to catch the duo live at their upcoming headline show at London's Servant Jazz Quarters to mark the launch of their boutique label 'GOON & GOBLIN on 9th August

About The Track: 'High Grade' is a cocktail of R&;B and Hip-Hop influences with melodic, breezy acoustic guitar and warm, feather-light vocals. 

A.O.S.O.ON Explains
Where was the video filmed?
We filmed in Crystal Palace Park in South London, it’s a stunning park with ponds and these huge stone statues of dinosaurs, it was real cool.

How does the video compliment the song?We're really pleased with this one. It’s a great compliment to the song both visually and narratively. The shots are stunning, the team had really high quality gear. The lighting and grading worked really well to capture the feelings within the song. The narrative is simple but effective; that’s something we always keep in mind when coming up with songs and it really worked.

Any behind the scenes stories?Haha yeah the guys were going really fast down a hill and when it was time to stop it went all wrong and the camera man flew out the cart! I don't how he did it but he saved the camera and the day basically. What a legend.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?The main idea behind the visual is identifying an organic union between two people, through themes of coincidence, unspoken communication and ultimately attraction. The imagery is based off the running scenes, the similarities in their daily routine of a morning run and training.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
I think the message of the video is to be light in your interactions, that coincidence is pretty real and actually funny if anything. It’s the most easy going video we’ve been able to put together so far so i think that comes across great. We’re just having fun

Interview feature by Karla Harris