The Band Explains: Ohboy! - 'A Bird In The Hand' (Video)

Northampton five piece,  Ohboy! talk to us about the ideas behind their new single and visuals for ‘A Bird in the Hand’ - an upbeat slacker pop anthem for the low in self esteem. 

Ohboy! Explains:
"'A Bird In The Hand' is our second release on Alcopop! Records following from 'The Carrot and The Stick;. Carrot is a sort of shiny jingling pop number that we had great fun with and showcases our pop sensibilities. With 'A Bird In The Hand' it's a glimpse at another side of OhBoy! in a way.

We took melodies and riffs and we tried to pack in as much of that as we could with this song. It stays very true to the first demo that Jay (vocals/guitars) came up with. Harmonies have always been very important and we explored that in the middle 8 at the end, layering vocals from all of the band and having some fun in the studio too.

We spent a few nights at a local studio putting down drums and bass then decided to do the rest there as we were getting on so well with it.  It's a lot punchier and rockier than our previous release but we have a bit of that in us as well as the pop!

With this video we sort of handed it over to a very talented young director called Callum. He approached us about doing a video together and we liked the stuff he had done before. It was nice to sort of let the control go over to him for this one as we had done all the others ourselves. It came out just as we wanted, lots of colours, surreal images and 90's flavours! We love it and hope everyone does too!"

Feature by Karla Harris