The Band Explains: IDLTRY - 'Celebrate' (Video)

We talk to Lev Vasilets, the frontman of Moscow based indie/psychedelic band. IDLTRY, about the avant-garde psychedelic film clips that make up their promo video, 'Celebrate' - a track taken from their debut 4-track mini album.

The Band Explains:
"'Celebrate' is sort of a promo video for our debut EP, 'The Rite', which totally represent the hyper idea of the whole project. We thought it would've been cool to take the first track and to mix it up with a bunch of avant-garde/psychedelic films, mostly from the 70s.
I won't list all of the films used, but my the most notable, which appears in these 4 and a half minutes are: "Lucifer Rising" by Kenneth Anger, which is an absolute cult in certain circles. Notorious, "The Holy Mountain" by Alexandro Jodorowsky, which made a big deal of fracas when it first came up on the screens. "The Trip" and "Alice in Acidland" which need no introduction - pure classics of psychedelic LSD flicks, and  a dozen of other movies which maybe some of the 1970 addicts could recognize. You can see some documentary chronicles from "The Summer of Love '69", which surely complements the whole venture.

What I really love about 60-70s art, and cinema in particular, is that you can feel the scent of experiment on every corner. Like everything was new and for the first time, people were trying to step beyond the boundaries of stereotypes and drown into the unknown. Revolution was on every corner. We have tried to transmit this feeling into both the song and the video, we hope we achieved it."

Feature by Karla Harris.