The Artist Explains: Jack Ellis - 'The Storm' (Video)

Multi-instrumentalist Jack Ellis  speaks to us about the ideas behind his moving and emotive latest single and video, 'The Storm'.
Initially released earlier in 2016, The Storm' has now been repackaged as a three and a half minute radio edit, out now via District South Records and available to download for free from the Jack Ellis Soundcloud page. Featuring Jack’s magnificent guitar playing and evocative vocals, 'The Storm' is a song that tackles themes of love and loss, as snapshots in our life strip us bare, leaving us afraid of allowing ourselves to love again.

Jack Ellis Explains:
Where was the video filmed?
It was Filmed at different locations in the Vale Of Glamorgan, South Wales, mainly Peterston -Super -Ely, Rhoose, Southerndown and Ogmore

How does the video compliment the song (if at all)?
I think the video does compliment the song, The film company Burning Chariots Ltd seem to really understand what my music is about, we work closely together before any filming takes place, they have a strong work ethos and an eye for detail.

Any behind the scenes stories?
To get a ‘Dark feel’ to the video we wanted, we had to get the weather right and ended up shooting through the winter months which meant plenty of ‘shoots’ called off at the last minute due to the weather being so poor. Some was even filmed during January which was absolutely freezing !!!

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
It was filmed as a ‘Part one’ and ‘Part two’ Part one being 'The Storm', and Part two being a track called ‘Disdained’ which will be released in August 2016. So the Story runs through to the second video which unravels the story line. Whilst the two songs and videos interlock and create a single piece of work it was also important that they could ‘Stand alone’ and work separately. This proved a challenge for the Director and Producer but when the second Song/video is viewed I cant help feeling how well it worked.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?

I think the message of the both video is that whilst we think of love as a great natural experience that most of us aim to have as a positive part in our lives, there is also a dark side to love, and when it is taken from us it can rip people apart and leave us empty, lost and alone.

Interview feature by Karla Harris