The Artist Explains: Era Isabel - 'Invisible' (Video)

Here's a little bit of magic and riddles from Era Isabel as she answers a few questions for us about her colourful single and music video, 'Invisible' directed by Henric Himmerlind.

Th Artist Explains:
 Where was the video filmed?
It was filmed in my studio space which I love so much. An old house where I can be creative and feel free, no neighbours to disturb, only deers and owls hanging out there..

How does the video compliment the song?
It compliments the song because it tells the story about the storyteller.

For me the song is very personal and has a concrete story. But the video turned out more like a portrait of the feeling that the song gives me rather than the story behind it. The song is like a roller coaster riddle, you start somewhere and end up somewhere else. I love riddles. Confusion is a mighty tool, it doesn't mind you or the matter, but it can melt the mind so you see whats the matter!

Any behind the scenes stories?
Not so much behind the scene.. The night was the scene. Me on one side of the lens, Henric on one side.

Very spontaneous.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
 We just wanted the video to be personal and simple. 
Henric is such a talent in capturing simple stories and putting beauty in the editing. So I had faith in the process.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
I want to be open for all kinds of expression. Whatever gives me joy in the moment. And I want to share that in everything I do. The freedom of expression. Inspire people to create more, be curious like kids.

But the most important message is to "get down on your bloody knees and be thankful!" thats our best shoot as humans right now.. We are tiny little light bulbs in a vast universe of vibration, and we have to remind ourselves to remember ourselves to release our selves all of the time!