The Artist Explains: Cadence Kid - 'Hold On Me' (Video)

Multi- instrumentalist Cadence Kid (Jason Turbin) has teamed up with 3x Grammy Producer Cassidy Turbin (Beck, Bat For Lashes, Thurston Moore ) to give us a music video perfect for summer. We had a chat with Cadence Kid himself to learn more about the ideas behind the single and video. 

The Artist Explains:Where was the video filmed?
A majority of it is shot in LA and in various spot around California

How does the video compliment the song (if at all)?
The song is my tribute to summer. People go out on adventures, fall in love and do crazy things during Summer.I figured If I could capture this all into a collage it would help convey the feeling of the tune.

Any behind the scenes stories?
While night hiking with my Brother and his girlfriend we stumbled upon this lone tree at the top of the mountain overlooking the city lights. I had my Brother and his girlfriend embrace while I stood far back enough to capture the landscape  and their silhouettes.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Love, freedom, adventure....

What is the message the video is trying to convey?

Enjoy life and enjoy love even though it can get a little crazy:)