The Artist Explains: Bryde - 'Help Yourself' (Video)

We absolutely adore Bryde here at When The Horn Blows so couldn't miss the opportunity to ask some questions about the drama that unfolds in her music video for single,  'Help Yourself' - the title track of  her stunning debut EP, out now.

The Artist Explains
Where was 'Help Yourself' filmed?
It was filmed in Feckenham Woods (careful with typos there ;) in the Midlands. Mainly chosen because Rhys of Furball Films was living there at the time and knew what we could make work there.

How does the video compliment the song?
I always like to think of videos for songs as working in the same way as scoring a film except it's the other way around. The video needs to enhance the feeling, mood and pace of the song. I think it does that by building in it's intensity and pace as the music does.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Nothing dramatic really happened but we did get some worried looks from people walking their dogs when they saw me tied to a chair in the middle of some trees. You could see us in the distance from a small car park and so people also stared for quite a while when I was running away from Rhys up the embankment trying to look scared. Must be convincing acting ;)

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Rhys Davies my video director came up with half of the concept, guided by what I explained was the intention behind the song. The lyrics are partly directed towards someone external but also as a message to myself about not waiting to be rescued, not letting things happen to us.The two scenes represent a few different things. The woods represent the earth and fire of a person and the bath scene represents the water and air like qualities of a person. The girl in the bath is ignoring the girl in the forest and just in an almost dream-like/ drugged up state. I wanted one 'me' to reflect the conscious and one the subconscious part of me. The subconscious is actually the opposite to the one you think. It's like one part of the person's personality is trying to reason and get the attention of the other. It's about deep down knowing you have to get out of a situation but having your conscious ego ignoring that gut instinct for whatever reason.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
I really wanted the video to reenforce the message of the lyrics, Which is simply you have to help yourself if you want to get out of a difficult situation. It's about not letting things wash over you.

Interview feature by Karla Harris