Stream: Desert Magic - 'Mother And Sun' (Single)

LA-based collective Desert Magic  give a lesson in cosmos with single,  'Mother And Sun', taken from their debut album, 'A Round The Sun'.
Desert Magic bring an avant-garde blend of folk, jazz and world music that has its listener hanging on every word.  'Mother and Sun' is stripped back and focuses on some excellent, unique guitar arrangements and percussive samples, interjected with low-key synths as spoken word vocals begin by telling a cosmic story that is equally amusing as it is enthralling, involving stimulating imagery and fun metaphors.

The project of  CalArts alumni Alex Wand, Steven Van Betten and Logan Hone, Desert Magic have found a niche in specialised songwriting about nature and the universe that is wholly unique and oddly catchy. I've had the lyrics "mother gave birth to the sun" stuck in my head for the past week and I dare you not to fall victim too!

Words of Karla Harris