Single: Nastasia - 'Reason Why'

New York pop artist Nastasia follows on from her debut EP 'Unwound' with latest single 'Reason Wh
Berklee College of Music alumni Nastasia wears her heartache on her sleeve in captivating new cut, 'Reason Why' where her emotive vocals soar beyond some of  the oppressive nature of the track's soundscape.

Combining both organic and electronic sonic elements, 'Reason Why' crawls with a darkness echoed in its synths that throb like a strained, anxious heartbeat. Its edgy drum groove and whispering, haunting samples see Nastasia searching back to ghostly memories of her past.

The verses seem to be sonically weighed down to lament the stifling effect of a toxic relationship, but with  the hooky chorus comes hope, strength, and closure to move forward and the arrangements echo and build in resilience with this new perspective.

Produced by fellow Berklee College of Music alumni, Ester Na'Reason Why' is an enthralling slice of versatile pop and available for free download via Nastasia's Soundcloud page.

Words of Karla Harris