Single: ENTRADA - 'Today's The Last Day'

Tokyo-based British indie rock three-piece ENTRADA release new single 'Today's The Last Day'.
Opening Today's The Last Day' with a shady art rock intro , ENTRADA make it clear straight off the bat they are open to experimentation, balancing live instrumentation with measured synthwork which gladly sees no sonic element overshadowing any other part of the soundscape.
Then the sweeping vocals kick in with a hint of swagger but no conceit, "I don't have it in me  /I don't have the fire inside no more" -  the first downbeat yet matter of fact confessional, that asks for no pity, casting any emo lyrical imagery firmly aside in its resolve.

However, imagery is rife  throughout born from great lyrical form. ENTRADA tread a careful line where popular and alternative meet giving enough to satisfy both mainstream tastes and those with a broader musical palette. With soaring riffs, dynamic drumming , intriguing vocal harmonies and an unhurried, deliberate pacing and positioning of each noise - everything has a purpose, every sound counts, and with vocals that get more enjoyable as the track evolves, conveying a range of moods with relative ease, 'Today's The Last Day' is a very recommended addition to any indie rock playlist.

Words of Karla Harris

'Today’s the Last Day' also comes with a B-side 'Eskimo' displaying a deeper intensity and a darker mood to its A-side.  Both tracks are available on CD and digital platforms.