Single: Basement Revolver - 'Words'

Basement Revolver follow up on debut single 'Johnny,' with emotional indie-pop single, 'Words'.
When Basement Revolver first released  'Johnny' I found myself so inspired, my thoughts ran away with me.  I imagined the track as a film score to accompany an artsy indie-type flick about teen angst, love and leaving. Such is the nature of Basement Revolver's music. It makes you call upon memories or moments (or even make them up!).

'Words' is the perfect track to follow up their introduction with. The DIY ethos is still strong seeing the right amount of reverb and grunge, but the arrangements are much more melodic and come from a more hooky formula. Lead singer, Chrisy Hurn's vocals are still gloriously saccharine and pure but the lyrics and the tone are wizened and a little bit defeated, dropping some of the innocence and naivety we saw in 'Johnny'.

What I love most about Basement Revolver is that they take on many aspects of the shoegaze genre and make it graceful and beautiful. Cathartic, ethereal and evocative, 'Words' is another praiseworthy track from a really lovely band.

Words of Karla Harris

'Words' is taken from Basement Revolver's  debut EP  due for release on  fear of missing out records July 15th! The EP was produced by Adam Bentley and Jordan Mitchell (The Dirty Nil, City and Colour, Memoryhouse).