Introducing: TUFT - 'Sheep' (Single)

Photo credit: Elli Papayanopoulos
LA based four-pieceTUFT release fun indie rock single, 'Sheep'.
TUFT (formerly Hi Ho Silver Oh)  met en route to LA from North Carolina and Chicago and you can get to know the type of band they are by  reading a humorous account of their union over on the band's facebook page!

What is there to say about the new track? Baritone guitars, out of the surf/metal setting? I love it!The sentiment of this song's lyrics really resonates with me, "I am a sheep, dressed like a wolf" - all about finding out how to be a person confident in their own skin, mane their own ideas. Who wouldn't wish for this to be them after a stage of personal growth? From my own recent experience, its important to force yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone.

TUFT are a great indie rock outfit who wouldn't be out of place on a BBC Radio 2 playlist. Check out the track below!

Words of Liam Hinds

'Sheep' is taken from  TUFT's debut album, 'Look Look' out now.