Introducing: Stefan Alexander - 'Skeleton' (Single)

NYC-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Stefan Alexander release his debut single, 'Skeleton'.
A vibrant, trickling soundscape opens Stefan Alexander's debut which sees  an R&B and soul-influenced electronic pop sound grow into all the makings of a thumping dance floor anthem. Stefan’s silky, melodic vocals, feel their way through the darker aspects of the lyrical theme in search of  a new start, trying to remove themselves from a haunting love interest that  has caused them some element of pain and confusion.

'Skeleton'  fiercely flickers and crackles with a passion like a dying flame that refuses to go out, fighting to restore itself. Despite the song's title, there is nothing skeletal about this ambitious debut which is a glowing, fleshed out, stirring number, constantly in forward motion.

Words of Karla Harris