Introducing: Molly Moore - 'Free Spirit' (Single)

LA-based singer-songwriter Molly Moore releases nonconformist new single, 'Free Spirit'.
How do you stand out as a female vocalist in a saturated genre? Molly Moore seems to know the answer. 'Free Spirit' is a defiant warrior cry of clunky, scuttling, industrialised production and tribal liberation, seeing an unshackling from the constant spotlight of modern day, urbanised society.

'Free Spirit' pulses and transforms like its own unique life form, swelling and retracting in all the right places and it takes a strong and confident songstress to commandeer such a formidable soundscape. Fortunately, that's exactly what Molly's soulful vocals are capable of doing.

Produced by Craig Dodds (Massive Attack) and written by Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette, 'Free Spirit' is an underground, experimental force to be reckoned with.

Words of Karla Harris