Free Download: Yvonne McDonnell - 'Endless Soul' (Single)

Singer songwriter Yvonne McDonnell re-releases her debut EP 'Endless Soul', and shares the title track as a free download.
Yvonne McDonnell's  remarkable vocals come from a raw, beautifully guttural, place that makes me wonder what her first reaction might have been when she realized that she can sing this way. There's something very bittersweet about the EP's titular track, 'Endless Soul' - melancholy, doomed, angry yet also uplifting, hopeful, knowing - moods which are reiterated within not only the song's lyrics and Yvonne's delivery but in its beguiling instrumentation.

'Endless Soul'  is an EP  that has one core narrative. Each of it's track's themes explore the various sets of emotions associated with being hurt by someone with deep set insecurities and how we learn to understand and accept others point of view.

Yvonne McDonnell's music tells shadowy tales of the human condition both visceral and wise, beautiful and fragile, marking her as a captivating, talented and extremely worthy addition to the British folk scene.

Words of Karla Harris

Yvonne McDonnell’s EP 'Endless Soul' is out now via Reality Is Over.