Free Download SUNTALK & RESH - 'I Mean' (Single)

SUNTALK's  Raanan Adler and RESH collaborate on uplifting new single, 'I Mean'.
In my opinion, some of the best songs are those that you can instantly place. That remind you of something. A memory, a moment, a movie you watched. 'I Mean' has a familiar nostalgia to it. It's bathed in a melodic 80's light, from its beauteous synths to the gorgeous soaring vocals courtesy of RESH.

'I Mean' has a timeless quality about it that wouldn't see it out of place playing at the big prom moment in a timeless coming of age flick. Think Alphaville style yet much more warm and soul stroking. The track also strays into very contemporary territory with some great blasts of modern sonic structure that balances out the shimmer and echoes of the past whilst remaining a very relevant listen - exciting, rich and full of sincerity.

Words of Karla Harris