Free Download: SUMif - 'Lay Down' (Single)

San Francisco electropop artist, SUMif unveils new single 'Lay Down'.
SUMif's 'Lay Down' opens with a sing-song melody bathed in stillness. Her unsupported saccharine vocals and lovely folky pop lyrics initially made me unsure of whether the track may continue in a direction too sugary for my blood.

Instead, 'Lay Down' builds beyond its initial pleasantness into unforgettable with a hook that welcomely gets stuck in your head supported by some really cool, teetering electronic beats - minimal yet immediate, crisp yet not overbearing - providing a grittier backdrop to the sweet vocals which also toy between playful and naive, vulnerable and sultry, showing an array of controlled, versatile emotion.

Forging a really exciting sound for herself, SUMif has a very pure way of engaging with her listener and defying any initial expectations. I like her a lot

Word of Karla Harris

SUMif is the moniker of Steph Wells, who will be  playing her debut show at Brick & Mortar in San Francisco on September 14. Tickets available here.

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