Duo To Check Out: The Flight - 'Sarah' (Single)

Joe Henson and Alexis Smith of The Flight return with the leading title track of their upcoming, EP 'Sarah ' to be released via Apologetic Recordings.
Three years ago East London production duo The Flight made a very cloak and dagger arrival with their macabre debut EP, 'Hangman'. At the time, not much was known about them as I explained over at The Music Dungeon. It seemed the duo preferred their  credentials, many accomplishments and identity to remain irrelevant. At last in terms of getting their name out there as, The Flight.

Having personally fallen in love with their debut EP with a special kind of affection for the titular track and  its accompanying music video, The Flight then took a sunnier approach to their follow up EP,  'The Sinner Inside' that showed their many different talents in a whole different light.

New single 'Sarah' sees a split of direction, beginning with a driving  indie-folk guitar rhythm, formidable vocals courtesy of  Kami Thompson of the The Rails and a steady electronic bass beat before taking an unexpected ambient turn with experimental, chilled, glistening, trip hop beats.

On paper, it seems quite risky marrying a haunting, peculiar, soundscape with euphoric, atmospheric, choral breaks and synthwork. But the risk has paid off for The Flight who show another fantastically inventive and unconventional side, constantly impressing, evolving and surprising.

Words of Karla Harris