Band To Check Out: Nieves - 'Roughcast' (Single)

Glasweigan four piece Nieves release new double A-side ‘Roughcast’ / ‘Dove'.
Two years ago I fell in love with Nieves for the first time off of the back of their moving debut single, 'Winter' - a gloriously heart-wrenching alternative folk track seeping a raw emotion and thorough beauty that truly resonates.

What Nieves have consistently proven since 'Winter' is their extensive capability to orchestrate the most touching arrangements to soundtrack their lyrical themes. Whether sparse and stripped back or swelling and vibrant, the emotional punch is there. It's real and it hits hard with every spine tingling note, melody, and lyric.

In 'Roughcast', lead singer, Brendan Dafters' Glaswegian nuances are emotive, earthy, and poignant, often twinging and cracking alongside the remarkable cinematic swellings of melodic instrumentation washing over its listener.  'Roughcast' slow burns with a passion and sincerity that grows to its full height, drawing its listener in with the gravitational pull of the moon peering out of its twinkling jet black sky, commanding it waves to cascade against the shore. Calling them home.

Words of Karla Harris