Band To Check Out: Blue Apollo - 'Walls' (Single)

Texan Alternative Rock five-piece Blue Apollo share new single 'Walls' taken from their debut EP 'Light-footed Hours'.
When I first read that Blue Apollo draw from a wide variety on influences, from John Mayer to Stevie Wonder,Led Zeppelin, to Radiohead, I was in equal parts intrigued, impressed and worried about what I was about to hear.

Luckily, as soon as I pressed play on 'Walls' my fears instantly subsided. These guys are not only talented but also smart and have created a subtly diverse yet welcoming soundscape that is a pleasure to listen to. The vocals, bass lines and percussion are smooth with an air of exotic (like how The Vampire Weekend's 'Horchata' SHOULD have sounded). The arrangements are warm and melodic, with clean guitar lines, some jazzy keys and vibrant splashes of groove-laden percussion that makes this such a dreamy and refreshing listen. I'm so excited to see what these guys deliver next.

Words of Karla Harris

Blue Apollo is:  Luke Nassar (Guitar and Vocals),  Jeremiah Jensen (Drums), Rodman Steele (Bass) Mitch Gruen (Lead Guitar), Grant Wolf (Keyboard).